The 10 Best Cheap DIY 3D Printer Kits of 2019 Under $1000!

diy 3d printer kit

Some makers prefer to buy plug & play fused deposition modeling 3D printers so they can get straight ahead with their 3D printing needs. Others however prefer to buy a 3D printer kit and build their own DIY 3D printer from scratch. These open source 3D printer machines can range from taking just a few minutes to assemble, to taking hours or even days. Therefore, we created our ranking of the 10 best cheap DIY 3D printer kits to help you find the perfect DIY 3D printer for you! These include a mix of reprap 3D printer kits, and general inexpensive 3D printer kit models.

Build your own 3D printer kit: the Best Cheap DIY 3D Printers Ranked

We used several criteria to determine which 3D printer kit made it into our ranking:

  • Price: We only included FDM 3D printer kits under $1,000, and other 3D printing technology DIY 3D printer kits under $5,000 (and created categories including best DIY 3D printer kit under $300, $500, and $1,000).
  • Quality: How accurate was each 3D printer kit? What are the printers’ minimum layer thickness, resolution, and maximum build volumes?
  • Ease of assembly and use: Not everyone is a technology wizard. Therefore, higher marks were given to any DIY 3D printer kit which could be assembled quickly, easily, and was simple to use.

10. Dagoma Discoeasy200

  • Company based: France.
  • Price: $350.
  • Build volume: 200 x 200 x 200 mm.

The Dagoma Discoeasy200 DIY 3D printer kit is a great cheap DIY 3D printer which can be assembled really quick. Hailing from Tourcoing, France, parts of this cheap 3D printer kit are truly ‘Made in France’ and sourced locally. Featuring a very respectable 200 x 200 x 200 mm build volume, the Discoeasy200 should be able to handle any 3D printing needs you have.

diy 3d printer kit
The Dagoma Discoeasy 3D printer before being assembled.

The Dagoma Discoeasy200 is the new version of the previous Discover200 DIY 3D printer kit, which Dagoma replaced in September 2016. Owners of the Discover200 can purchase an ‘evolution pack’ for $89 to upgrade their model to the new Discoeasy200 however. Sporting a minimum layer thickness of 0.1mm, the Discoeasy200 is a solid, low-cost 3D printer kit for both beginners and makers.

diy 3d printer kit
The Dagoma Discoeasy200 fully assembled.

9. BQ Hephestos 2

  • Company based: Spain.
  • Price: $990.
  • Build volume: 210 x 192 x 220 mm.

Another European 3D printer manufacturer, BQ are a Spanish technology company who also create smartphones, e-readers, and tablets which are sold throughout Europe. They also sell a number of cheap 3D printers including the Witbox Go, and their DIY 3D printer kit, the Hephestos 2. Costing just under $1,000, the Hephestos 2 is a modified reprap 3D printer kit.

diy 3d printer kit
The BQ Hephestos 2 is a RepRap kit which looks like this before being assembled.

Similar to other DIY 3D printer kits, the Hephestos 2 has a large print volume at 210 x 192 x 220 mm. This, along with a minimum layer thickness of 0.06mm make this a consistent and reliable kit and one of the best RepRap kit models out there.

diy 3d printer kit
The BQ Hephestos 2 once assembled.

8. Vertex Delta (best DIY Delta 3D Printer)

  • Company based: Belgium.
  • Price: $600.
  • Print volume: 200 x 200 x 225 mm.

One of the best DIY delta 3D printer machines out there, the Vertex delta is a solid kit made by the Belgian 3D printer manufacturer. This open source 3D printer kit includes a variety of cool features such as a filament run-out detector, automatic print bed calibration, and much more. At $600, it’s a great cheap DIY 3D printer kit for the price.

With a very good print volume at 200 x 200 x 225 mm, the Vertex Delta 3D printer kit can print anything within day-to-day printing needs. Moreover, it’s accurate, at up to 0.1mm layer resolution. Weighing in at 10kg, it’s fairly portable too, so you can move it without too much struggle.

diy 3d printer kit
Parts of the Vertex Delta next to the assembled version.

7. Sintratec Kit (best SLS DIY 3D printer kit)

  • Company based: Switzerland.
  • Price: $4,999.
  • Print volume: 110 x 110 x 110 mm.

The only SLS 3D printer on our list, the Sintratec Kit uses selective laser sintering technology to create plastic parts which, unlike FDM, don’t require supports when printing. Swiss company Sintratec also sell another SLS 3D printer, the Sintratec S1, though this isn’t a kit. Though it costs $4,999, this is actually very cheap for an SLS 3D printer which are usually industrial machines that can easily cost $250,000. With a layer thickness of 0.1mm, the Sintratec has all the tools to offer consistent and reliable SLS 3D printing.

Because SLS 3D printing doesn’t require supports, advantages of this printer include shorter lead times and quicker delivery. However, selective laser sintering technology restricts the print volume available, with the Sintratec Kit having just 110 x 110 x 110 mm maximum dimensions. The printer also takes longer to assemble than most FDM 3D printer kits, taking around 4 days.

diy 3d printer kit
The Sintratec Kit, fully assembled.

6. Peopoly Moai SLA DIY 3D printer kit

  • Company based: Hong Kong.
  • Price: $1,999.
  • Print volume: 130 x 130 x 180 mm.

The only SLA 3D printer on our list, the Moai is another successfully funded Kickstarter project, raising over $250,000 to produce the kits. Rather than using filaments, stereolithography 3D printers use resins with a light source to create parts. Because of this, resin 3D printers can achieve levels of accuracy which surpass FDM 3D printers of the same price.

The Peopoly Moai is a very accurate printer, with a minimum layer thickness of just 0.01mm. Moreover, the printer features a 70 micron laser beam which can be adjusted according to the owner’s preferred settings. The printer is open to third party resins too, so you aren’t stuck with Peopoly’s only.

diy 3d printer kit

5. iMakr STARTT

  • Company based: UK.
  • Price: $99.
  • Print volume: 120 x 140 x 130 mm.

If you’re looking for the best cheap DIY 3D printer kit, you’ll do well to find a better one for less money than the iMakr STARTT. Costing just $99, this British company has cracked the code of really affordable 3D printing. The STARTT, a Cartesian DIY 3D printer kit, has a maximum print volume of 120 x 140 x 130 mm, which isn’t too bad either.

Moreover, the iMakr STARTT is an open source 3D printer, and can be modified as you wish. It has a minimum of 100 microns for layer resolution, which for the price is very good. Taking around 5 hours to assemble, it isn’t as fast as DIY 3D printer kits like the Creality CR-10, but overall is a fantastic option of beginners to 3D printing.

diy 3d printer kit
Costing under $100, the STARTT is a fantastic option for beginners.

4. Rostock Max V3

  • Company based: USA.
  • Price: $999.
  • Print volume: 265 x 265 x 400 mm.

A return to the large 3D printers on the list, the Rostock Max V3 is delta DIY 3D printer kit capable of printing a very respectable 265 x 265 x 400 mm maximum build area. The kit, an upgrade on the previous Rostock Max V2, is made by SeeMeCNC, an American 3D printer manufacturer.

Costing just under $1,000, the Rostock Max is a real workhorse DIY 3D printer kit. Featuring layer resolutions of up to 50 microns, the Rostock Max V3 combines high quality with a large print area to create a very good 3D printer kit. It’s a solid upgrade from the previous model, and is overall a solid 3D printer.

diy 3d printer kit

3. Anet A8

  • Company based: China.
  • Price: Around $200.
  • Print volume: 220 x 220 x 240 mm.

The Anet A8 is Chinese company Anet’s version of the Prusa 3D printer kit. Featuring a heated bed meaning it can print ABS and PETG as well as ABS, the Anet A8 manages all this despite costing just $200.

A cartesian 3D printer kit, the Anet A8 is a consistent, reliable printer for the price. With a minimum layer size of 100 microns, this kit is fairly good quality for the price. Additionally, with its 220 x 220 x 240 mm print volume, the Anet A8 should be able to handle any printing needs you may have.

diy 3d printer kit
The Anet A8 DIY 3D printer kit is a solid option for $200.

2. Creality CR-10

  • Company based: China.
  • Price: $370.
  • Print volume: 300 x 300 x 400 mm.

The Creality CR-10 has a passionate group of supporters which hail it as the best DIY 3D printer kit in its price range. Manufactured by Creality, a Chinese manufacturer, the CR-10 is a fantastic DIY 3D printer kit which can be build within 45 minutes.

The Creality CR-10 has an accuracy and print volume which is competitive with printers 5 times more expensive. With it’s minimum layer thickness of 0.05mm and fantastic 300 x 300 x 400 mm build volume, the Creality CR-10 is a great printer for just $370. It’s easy to use, making it the perfect printer for beginners.

fdm 3d printer 1. Prusa i3

  • Company based: Czechia.
  • Price: $600-900.
  • Build volume: 250 x 210 x 200 mm.

The Prusa i3 is known objectively as the undeniable king of DIY 3D printer kits. These RepRap kits are fantastic, sporting an impressive print volume of 250 x 210 x 200 mm, whilst weighing just 6.35kg!

Accessible via USB stick or by SD card, the Prusa i3 kits are designed to be simple to use as well as effective. With layer resolutions up to 50 microns, the Prusa i3 kit is an accurate printer which outperforms far more expensive 3D printers. You can choose to either assemble the kit yourself, or buy the printer pre-assembled, though this costs a few hundred dollars more. Overall, the Prusa remains the undisputed king of DIY 3D printer kits, with its competitors needing to do a lot of catching up to dethrone it.

fdm 3d printer

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