Top 10 Best Cheap 3D Pens of 2019 (3D Pen from $14!)

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A more recent invention than 3D printers (which have been around for over 30 years now), a 3D pen is a cool way to get into 3D printing without spending a fortune.

Rather than price tags which can be several thousand dollars, 3D pens are usually under $100. Since 3D pens are becoming increasingly popular, we ranked our 10 favorite 3D pens – so you can choose your favorite.

The Top 10 Best 3D Pens of 2018

The main differences between a 3D pen and a 3D printer are that you have to manually control a 3D pen in the same way you write with an ink pen, just in three dimensions.

This differs from 3D printers which follow set paths based on the STL file. 3D pens are therefore less accurate than printers, but offer more freedom of creativity.

3Doodler Start

  • Company based: USA.
  • Price: $50.

3Doodler is a very successful American manufacturer who create two 3D pens on our list, the Start and the Pro. The start is an all-round perfect pen for beginners, as it’s specifically designed for use by younger people and newcomers.

Though FDM 3D printers usually print plastics such as ABS or PLA, 3Doodler 3D pens go a different route. Their pens are created using a ‘warm nozzle’ technology which prints their special ‘eco-plastic’ filament which is neither ABS or PLA. This material melts and extrudes at a lower temperature than PLA and ABS, making it safer for children to handle.

Retailing at just $50, the 3Doodler Start is a fantastic option for those who just want to try out the basics in 3D printing. 3Doodler have many online guides and projects on their resourceful website too, so check that out if you’re in need of creative ideas. Unlike some 3D pens, it is also rechargeable, so you won’t need to keep going to the shop to buy new batteries.

3doodler start 3d pen
The 3Doodler Start is a fantastic cheap 3D pen for beginners and experienced makers alike.

AtmosFlare 3D Pen

  • Price: $14.

Another fantastic cheap 3D pen, the AtmosFlare extrudes ‘UV-hardened gel’ rather than the typical 3D printer plastics. The main selling point the AtmosFlare aims to show is that it is so astronomically cheap – just $14! This begs the question, how good is the quality on such a cheap pen?

Well, it’s actually surprisingly good, despite how messy the resin materials are. You can easily swap out different colors based on whatever projects you wish to embark on, and there are many available colors.

The Atmosflare 3D pen relies on an AA battery to power it however, so you’ll have to keep replacing batteries as they run out. Overall, the AtmosFlare 3D pen is a great option for those who want to have fun for the least money.

atmosflare 3d pen
Another great choice, the Atmosflare 3D pen is a cheap option for 3D printing pen fans.

XYZprinting Da Vinci Pen

  • Company based: Taiwan.
  • Price: $35.

Despite mostly being known for making desktop FDM 3D printers (though they have expanded into SLA 3D printers and even SLS 3D printers), XYZprinting also sell an effective, cheap 3D pen. Retailing at just $35, the Da Vinci 3D pen is a simple to use tool which prints PLA in a variety of different colors.

True to XYZprinting’s philosophy, the Da Vinci Pen is cheap and cheerful, despite lacking hundreds and hundreds of features. It is focused on being a fun, easy-to-use pen, which it most definitely achieves. It simply plugs into a wall socket, and then off you go. For $35 you can’t go wrong, and it even comes with 3 mini rolls of PLA to play around with too.

da vinci 3d pen

Scribbler V3

  • Company based: USA.
  • Price: $99.

The third iteration of Scribbler’s 3D pen range, the V3 is an amazing and consistent 3D pen. Created to encourage children to be more creative whilst teaching critical spatial awareness tools, the Scribbler V3 is simple to use and easy to set up.

Though it isn’t as cheap as some of the others on this list, the Scribbler V3 is still a great pen for the price. It can print both PLA and ABS in a similar vein to a 3D printer, and connects easily into a plug socket so it doesn’t need to be recharged. You can swap between six different speeds for extra control in your creations, too. Overall, we highly recommend the Scribbler V3 for those looking for a high quality pen that can handle all your creative desires.

scribbler v3 3d pen


  • Company based: USA.
  • Price: $70.

Another important and highly-rated 3D pen, MYNT3D focus on creating high quality 3D pens which are environmentally conscious. The most versatile 3D pen on this list, the MYNT3D can print PLA, ABS, as well as metal and wood filaments.

Retailing at $70, the MYNT 3D pen is powered by plugging in a USB, and has a slider feature for adjusting material extrusion speed. As it prints so many materials, it has options to control temperature for each material, and can be moved between 130°C and 230°C. It’s another great option for those looking for a high-quality 3D pen.

mynt 3d pen

7TECH 3D Pen

  • Company based: China.
  • Price: $40.

Another very interesting option, the 7TECH 3D pen is designed to be super simple to just pick up and use. This shows, as the 7TECH 3D pen is both safe to handle (heat never gets too unbearable to hold), and also very quiet. Another fantastic feature is that this versatile 3D pen has a feature which alerts you when the filament is getting stuck. This can help prevent blockages in the pen, a super useful feature.

This 3D printing pen is frustrating in that the supplied filaments are simply not enough. As soon as you get into your 3D printing groove, you run out of filament – annoying! However, there are a number of positives to take away from this 3D pen: it’s a lightweight, cheap, and fun 3D pen for the price, and is still a fairly good option overall.

7tech 3d pen

3DSimo Basic 3D Pen

  • Price: $89.

For the price, you really get a lot of pen with the 3DSimo Basic. It’s huge, far larger than anyone who isn’t a giants’ hand, though perhaps there is a method to the madness. Retailing at $89, the 3DSimo is a former Kickstarter campaign backed 3D pen which has expanded into a full product range of pens. An impressive feature of the 3DSimo Basic is the range of materials compatible – it can print HIPS and PET as well as the standard ABS and PLA.

The 3DSimo comes packed with features however, and easily plugs into a wall socket to begin printing. These features include simple adjusters for speed, temperature, and even the 3D pen’s language, for those who aren’t as familiar with English. Though it isn’t as advanced as 3DSimo’s new model, the Mini 2, it’s still great for the price. We couldn’t find where the company themselves were located in our research, though old social media posts suggest that 3DSimo are from a Spanish language speaking country.

3dsimo basic 3d pen
Though there is much talk about the 3DSimo Mini 2, 3DSimo’s main model, the Basic is still a fantastic choice for a cheap 3D pen which costs $40 less.

3Doodler Pro

  • Company based: USA.
  • Price: $250.

The most expensive 3D pen on our list, the 3Doodler Pro is an impressive piece of kit. Another pen by American manufacturer 3Doodler, the Pro features extra material compatibility such as Polycarbonate, wood and metal-based materials, Nylon, and more. Despite the steep price of $250, this is still less than all but the most basic cheap 3D printers.

As well as the fantastic versatility with different materials, the 3Doodler Pro also allows users to control many other printing variables. These include 8 different extrusion speed settings, and keeping the temperature between 60°C and 240°C. It is expensive, but it really is worth the extra money in the quality the 3Doodler Pro offers.

3doodler pro 3d pen
The 3Doodler Pro is undoubtedly the most high-tech 3D pen on this list, which is reflected in the price.

CoLiDo 3D Pen

  • Company based: USA.
  • Price: $90.

CoLiDo are an American company also known for creating the successful CoLiDo DIY 3D printer kit. The CoLiDo 3D pen is compatible with PLA and ABS, and very handily comes with 50 packs of material to last you a while. At $90, it’s not the cheapest pen on this list, but it’s a consistent and reliable option.

It doesn’t need even batteries – it just needs to be plugged into the wall socket and it’s ready to go. You can swap between two speed settings, and two temperature settings based on whether you’re printing PLA or ABS. Overall, it’s a decent option for those looking for a 3D pen to play around with as a beginner. It’s also safe, featuring a retractable nozzle to prevent skin burns.

colido 3d pen

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