About 3DSourced

3DSourced was founded in 2017 with one overarching goal: to be the most informative 3D printing web source in the world.

At 3DSourced, we take the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ very literally. Every post is carefully researched and shaped to be the most informative possible; to teach the world about 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Our Goals

3DSourced’s philosophy is to educate people, not to cover the day’s hottest news or the latest trending topic.

You will not see adverts stuffed into corners where the laws of physics (and user experience) depict they shouldn’t fit, or low-effort journalism dedicated to maximizing page views per hour worked.

What you will see are high quality, extensively researched, and accurate pieces, dedicated to being as informative as possible. This may be a far cry from the clickbaity, thrice-daily posts you may be accustomed to.

We want to help. We want to educate. We want to inspire. We want to democratize 3D printing.

Bringing 3D Printing Info To The Masses

We want to become the premier resource for 3D printing fans, makers, and businesses all over the world for the latest and best 3D printing news.

More than that, we want to have the most comprehensive guides to 3D printers, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies, software, scanners, services, brands, and more.

We believe wholeheartedly in 3D printing, and want to bring 3D printing to the mainstream world’s attention.