January 17, 2021
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The 9 Best Mini 3D Printers For ALL Price Ranges 2021

Advances in 3D printing have meant more accurate and faster 3D printers have gotten smaller and cheaper, leading to the current range of mini 3D printer options that can fit on your desktop. Many of these affordable 3D printers cost just a few hundred dollars, take up little space, and can produce fantastically accurate plastic parts.

Therefore, we’ve ranked some of the best small 3D printers around, listing their main advantages, so you can choose which best suits your 3D printing needs.

Best Mini 3D printers

NameBuild Volume(mm)PriceWhere to buyAlternative purchase option
LABISTS Mini X1100 x 100 x 100$150Amazon here
Monoprice Select Mini V2120 x 120 x 120$219Amazon here
Monoprice Mini Delta110 x 110 x 120$190Amazon here
Flashforge Finder / Finder Lite140 x 140 x 140$250 / $299Finder Lite on Amazon hereFinder on Amazon here
Elegoo Mars PRO115 x 65 x 150$250Amazon here3DJake UK & Europe here
Flashforge Adventurer 3 / 3 Lite150 x 150 x 150$369 / $4493 Lite on Amazon here3 on Amazon here
XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini W+150 x 150 x 150$199Amazon here
Monoprice Maker Select V2200 x 200 x 180$325Amazon here
Anet A8220 x 220 x 240$160Amazon here

This guide is free from any sponsors and every printer featured here does so on merit — we have not been paid for any placement in this ranking. We stay editorially independent by including affiliate links on recommended 3D printers that we earn a small commission from.

Part 1: Best Mini 3D printers (under 150mm cubed build volume)

LABISTS Mini X1 3D printer

The complete miniature 3D printer and a great 3D printer for kids to try out 3D printing, the LABISTS Mini 3D printer is tiny, basic, and cheap.

With a tiny 3D printing volume of just 100 x 100 x 100 mm, it can fit almost anywhere, and the lack of an enclosure makes it even easier to fit in even the most crowded households. Though a 3D printer kit, the LABISTS Mini X1 3D printer comes in just a few parts, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get print-ready if you follow their assembly video shown below.

Despite the tiny size and low price, the Mini X1 3D printer offers up to 50-micron accuracy and surprisingly smooth surface finish, though it can only print PLA. It comes with some PLA filament to get you started, and with the simple interface and lack of complex features, is an ideal 3D printer for beginners and kids to get acquainted with 3D printing. It comes with its own easy-to-use 3D slicer, and is also famed for being quiet — able to print at under 60db.

labists mini x1 3d printer with a tiny build volume

Monoprice Select Mini V2 — Mini Monoprice 3D printer

The Monoprice Select Mini V2 is another popular mini 3D printer by successful technology manufacturer Monoprice, and an effective yet compact printer priced at just $200. It’s the ideal entry level 3D printer, coming with no fancy extra features. You just get the printer, some filament to get you started, and some pre-installed 3D printer models.

We recommend the Select Mini V2 for producing small parts such as 3D printing 28mm miniatures or other tiny 3D prints. For larger parts, you’ll struggle, but in that case, you should check out our large 3D printer ranking or our yearly best 3D printer recommendations.

Overall, the Select Mini V2 is a versatile, compact 3D printer that surprisingly can still print materials like ABS, PVA and wood filament; and for the price tag, is a fantastic introductory 3D printer.

monoprice select mini v2 3d printer

Monoprice Mini Delta

With a small 3D printing build volume of just 110 x 110 x 120 mm, the Monoprice Mini Delta really lives up to its name as a mini printer. The Monoprice Mini Delta is the only delta 3D printer on our small 3D printer buyer’s guide, allowing it to print very fast for such a compact machine, at up to 150mm/s. It is almost certainly the fastest 3D printer in its size range.

Despite the low weight and high speed, this mini 3D printer is built to be sturdy and durable: the aluminium and steel frame anchors it down to ensure print quality is precise and that vibrations don’t affect surface finish of prints. The Mini Delta is a tiny 3D printer but still features a heated bed, so 3D printing ABS and other filaments should be no problem with the right print settings.

The Monoprice Mini Delta is also very precise, at up to 50 microns, and unlike most delta printers comes fully assembled rather than as a 3D printer kit. As a result, it’s a great 3D printer for beginners, and extremely simple to operate and print with – you can even print via WiFi, a rare feature on small, inexpensive printers.

monoprice mini delta 3d printer

Flashforge Finder / Finder Lite

The original Flashforge Finder was a big success, becoming as highly rated as the best-selling Creator Pro. The new Finder Lite has the same tiny 140 x 140 x 140 mm build volume, but has costs $50 less due to the lack of WiFi 3D printing feature.

The Flashforge Finder Lite is built to be quiet, can print PLA, TPU and copper PLA, and comes with a few popular 3D printer models to get you started on your 3D printing journey. Flashforge’s patented nozzle has been upgraded, and the feeder tube and extruder have been improved to prevent jams and improve your prints’ surface finish.

The Lite version comes with all the latest features you have come to expect from a small 3D printer costing around $300, including auto leveling and calibration, a large 3.5 inch touchscreen, and a removable build platform which makes removing your printed models easier than ever. Overall, it is another great mini 3D printer for those with little space or those who just want to start small.

flashforge finder lite small 3d printer

Elegoo Mars PRO

The original Elegoo Mars is one of the best-selling resin 3D printers of the last few years, and now Elegoo have released the Mars PRO, with a number of key upgrades.

Though a good build size for an LCD 3D printer, most desktop makers creating tabletop miniature 3D prints would still consider the build volume small, especially compared to FDM printers.

Several key upgrades are built into the Elegoo Mars Pro, including improved precision via the improved Z-axis linear guide-way structure, leading to smoother layers with less obvious layer lines. The Mars Pro is also made safer by the silicone seal that can be placed on the printer’s cover to prevent any resin leaking, which could otherwise cause safety issues.

It’s a lightweight and compact 3D printer that can produce tiny 3D prints with extraordinary accuracy – our best 3D printer for miniatures guide recommends it too – and ideal for those who want precise parts and have the skills to handle a resin printer.

elegoo mars pro

Flashforge Adventurer 3 / 3 Lite

A reliable mini 3D printer with a closed build chamber, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite is for those who don’t mind spending a bit extra (as compared with the Mini Delta or Maker Select) for better print conditions and better ABS 3D printing.

With a minimum layer height of 50 microns, it’s perfect for 3D printing miniatures and other small models. The closed chamber means that ABS and other filaments will warp less, and all these extras come in a compact 3D printer costing under $500.

The 150 x 150 x 150 mm is small, but we would not consider this a tiny 3D printer – most day-to-day projects should be printable with ease, or can be broken up into a few separate prints and stuck together. The nozzle is easily switchable, for example if you want to print faster with a larger nozzle, and overall it is a reliable and low-cost small 3D printer with a closed chamber for effective 3D printing.

It’s $80 cheaper than the Adventurer 3, with the only noticeable differences is that the Lite version doesn’t have the HD camera that the Adventurer 3 has. It’s your choice whether this affects your choice, but we’ve included links to both above to make things easier for you.

flashforge adventurer 3 lite tiny 3d printer

XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini W+

XYZprinting not only make some of the most popular small FDM 3D printers around, but are also famed for their industrial 3D printers, including their MfgPro230 xS SLS 3D printer. Their most successful small-scale 3D printer, the Da Vinci Mini, is inexpensive, simple to use, and reliable – you can trust it to get the job done.

With a precision of 100 microns for each layer printed, you can be sure of a quality 3D print even for the low price. It can print PLA and PETG and can also be upgraded to 3D print metallic and carbon PLA blends with XYZ’s hardened steel nozzle.

A major advantage is WiFi printing, a feature that not many mini 3D printers have, saving time and hassle from continuously removing and inserting SD cards and USBs from your laptop to the printer. The Da Vinci Mini 3D printer’s ability to level itself makes it perfect for beginners looking to start small, and overall it’s a great introductory printer – though be careful as it is very difficult to use third party filaments, so you may be restricted to XYZprinting’s own-brand PLA.

xyzprinting da vinci mini 3d printer

Part 2: Small 3D printers (under 200mm cubed)

Monoprice Maker Select V2 — Small 3D printer with a dual extruder

American 3D printer company Monoprice have released some of the most popular 3D printers of the last few years, the Maker Select V2 one of their latest mini 3D printers to receive rave reviews. Offering up to 100-micron precision and weighing just 20lbs, the Maker Select is a portable 3D printer which is perfect for moving around easily, or fitting on top of a small desktop.

The Maker Select V2 can print a wide variety of 3D printer filaments, including standard filaments like ABS, PLA and PETG, as well as less common materials like HIPS, PVA, and more. With standard printing speed for a tiny 3D printer at 55mm/s, the Maker Select is not a speedster, but no slouch either.

Unusual for such a lightweight 3D printer, the Maker Select V2 is the only mini dual extruder 3D printer on our list – so fans of multi material 3D printing will enjoy this. The 200 x 200 x 180 mm is on the edge of where a small 3D printer becomes a standard desktop 3D printer, but it qualifies on the larger end. It’s also commonly used to teach 3D printing in education due to the simplicity of use and low price.

monoprice maker select v2

Anet A8

On the largest end of what could be considered a smaller-scale 3D printer, the Anet A8 is based off the Prusa DIY 3D printer design and has long been considered an effective, cheap desktop 3D printer.

Despite the low cost, the Anet A8 can print ABS, PETG, Nylon, PVA, wood filaments, and more with its heated bed. It’s fairly accurate with a minimum layer height of 100 microns, and is an open source 3D printer for those who enjoy modifying and improving their printers.

As it is a RepRap 3D printer kit you will have to assemble your Anet A8 yourself, which can take some time – several hours, most likely. However, once it’s up and running, you’ll have yourself a decent-sized 3D printer that can fit in a tight corner of a desk, and create medium-sized prints with no problem.

anet a8 small 3d printer

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